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Residential Water-Use Project



Thank you to all who participated in this water-use project. The data collection efforts were successful, and the analyses and results have been completed. The survey and accompanying materials are still available here for educational purposes.

The U.S. Geological Survey, NH Geological Survey, NH Coastal Program, and the NH Department of Environmental Services are cooperatively conducting a study to understand water use in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire. During Spring 2004, middle school teachers and students in seacoast towns contributed to the research by participating in this residential water-use project.

Project Participants
The students and their families filled out the survey and many recorded daily water use in their homes for two to four weeks. By participating in the project, families became more familiar with where their water comes from, how they use it, and how they can conserve it.

Study Objectives
The information gathered from the survey and data-collection activities supplements metered domestic-use data obtained directly from community water systems. The patterns of indoor and outdoor domestic water use associated with family attitudes on the availability and cost of water and interest in water conservation is also being evaluated and incorporated into the larger study.

Overview of materials and teacher instructions (415kb PDF)

Residential Water-Use Survey
Survey questions (175kb PDF)

Student data collection activities
Instructions and data recording sheets for participants (168kb PDF)

Additional Activities
Optional activities showing how to summarize information from survey and data collection activities (251kb PDF)

Summary graphs of the survey results

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Contact Information:
For questions about the survey, contact Marilee Horn, USGS Hydrologist, at 603-226-7806 or by E-mail at

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