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Real-time Gaging Station Map

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Real-time gage map
01087000, Blackwater R., Webster, NH 01092000, Merrimack R., Manchester, NH 01158110, Ashuelot River Abv the branch at Keene,NH 01089100, Soucook River, at Pembroke Road, near Concord, NH 04294300, Pike River at East Franklin, nr Enosburg Falls, VT 04295500, Lake Memphremagog at Newport, VT 04282780, Lewis Creek at North Ferrisburg, VT 04296500, Clyde R., Newport, VT 04296000, Black R., Coventry, VT 04294000, Missisquoi R., Swanton, VT 04293500, Missisquoi R., East Berkshire, VT 04292500, Lamoille R.,  East Georgia, VT 04292000, Lamoille R., Johnson, VT 04289000, Little R., Waterbury, VT 04288000, Mad R., Moretown, VT 04287000, Dog R., Northfield Falls, VT 04282650, Little Otter Creek, Ferrisburg, VT 04282525, New Haven R., Middlebury, VT 04282500, Otter Creek, Middlebury, VT 04282000, Otter Creek, Center Rutland, VT 04280000, Poultney R., Fair Haven, VT 04292795, Stevens Brook at Kellogg Road, near St. Albans, VT 01334000, Walloomsac R., North Bennington, VT 01073500, Lamprey R., Newmarket, NH 01073000, Oyster R., Durham, NH 010965852, Beaver Brk., North Pelham, NH 01088400, Merrimack River at Concord, NH 01073587, Exeter R., Brentwood, NH 01073319, Lamprey River at Langford Road, at Raymond, NH 01094000, Souhegan R., Merrimack, NH 01072800, Cocheco River near Rochester, NH 01086000, Warner R., Davisville, NH 01091500, Piscataquog R., Goffstown, NH 01081500, Merrimack R., Franklin Junction, NH 01087850, Contoocook R. @ River Hill near Penacook, NH 01085500, Contoocook R., West Hopkinton, NH 01085000, Contoocook R., Henniker, NH 01083000, Nubanusit Brk., Peterborough, NH 01082000, Contoocook R., Peterborough, NH 01090800, Piscataquog R., Weare, NH 01081000, Winnipesaukee R., Tilton, NH 01078000, Smith R., Bristol, NH 01076500, Pemigewasset R., Plymouth, NH 01076000, Baker R., Rumney, NH 01075000, Pemigewasset R., Woodstock, NH 01074520, East Branch Pemigewasset R., Lincoln, NH 01161000, Ashuelot R., Hinsdale, NH 01160350, Ashuelot R., West Swanzey, NH01158600, Otter Brk., Keene 01158000, Ashuelot R., Keene, NH 01155910, West R., Townshend, VT 01155500, West R., Jamaica, VT 01154500, Connecticut R., North Walpole, NH 01153550, Williams R., Rockingham, VT 01153000, Black R., West Springfield, VT 01152500, Sugar R., West Claremont, NH 01151500, Ottauquechee R., North Hartland, VT 01154000, Saxtons River at Saxtons, VT 01144500, Connecticut R., West Lebanon, NH 01150900, Ottauquechee R., West Bridgewater, VT 01144000, White R., West Hartford, VT 01141500, Ompompanoosuc R., Union Village, VT 01142500, Ayers Brk., Randolph, VT 01139800, East Orange Branch, East Orange, VT 01139000, Wells R., Wells River, VT 01054000, Androscoggin R., Gorham, NH 01138500, Connecticut R., Wells River, VT 01137500, Ammonoosuc R., Bethlehem Junction, NH 01131500, Connecticut R., Dalton, NH 01135500, Passumpsic R., Passumpsic, VT 01135300, Sleepers R., St. Johnsbury, VT 01135150, Pope Brk., North Danville, VT 01134500, Moose R., Victory, VT 01133000, East Branch Passumpsic R., East Haven, VT 01129500, Connecticut R., North Stratford, NH 01064801, Bearcamp R., Tamworth, NH 01064500, Saco R., Conway, NH 01053500, Androscoggin R., Errol, NH 01052500, Diamond R., Wentworth Location, NH 01129200, Connecticut R., Pittsburg, NH 01072870, Isinglass R., Dover, NH 01100505, Spicket R., North Salem, NH 04282795, Laplatte R., Shelburne Falls, VT 04279490, Lake Bomoseen at outlet, near Fair Haven, VT 04288230, Ranch Brook at Ranch Camp, near Stowe, VT 04288225, West Branch Little River, abv Bingham Falls near Stowe, VT, INTERNAL USGS ONLY 01100561, Spicket River near Methuen, MA 01073785, Winnicut R. at Greenland near Portsmouth, NH 01089500, Suncook River at North Chichester, NH 010735562, Exeter River at Odell Road, near Sandown, NH 01093852, Souhegan River (Site WLR-1) near Milford, NH  01091000, South Branch Piscataquog River near Goffstown, NH  01077400, Cockermouth River below Hardy Brook, at Groton, NH 04292770, Stevens Brook at Lemnah Drive, at St Albans, VT 04292810, Jewett Brook at VT 38, near St Albans, VT  04290500, Winooski R., Essex Junction, VT 04290335, Allen Brook at VT 2A, near Essex Junction, VT 04294500, Lake Champlain, Burlington, VT 01154950, Cold River at high Street, at Alstead, NH 01157000, Ashuelot River near Gilsum, NH 010642505, Saco River at River Street, at Bartlett, NH 01130000, Upper Ammonoosuc River near Groveton, NH 01053600, Androscoggin R below Bog Bk, at Cambridge, NH 04293000, Missisquoi R., North Troy, VT 04294140, Rock River near Highgate Center, VT 04292201, Lamoille River at Jeffersonville, VT 04285500, North Branch Winooski River at Wrightsville, VT 04286000, Winooski River at Montpelier, VT 0428500, Wrightsville Detention Reservoir at Wrightsville, VT 04285800, North Branch Winooski River at Montpelier, VT 04284751, Winooski River @ US2, below Stevens Br, near Montpelier, VT 04283500, East Barre Detention Reservoir at East Barre, VT 01155349, West River below Winhall Brook, near Jamaica, VT 04292750, Mill River at Georgia Shore Road, Near St Albans, VT 04296280, Barton River near Coventry, VT

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